Opening notice:

1. Opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday, visiting time: 10:00-17:00, closed on Monday (except national legal holidays);

2. Enter the museum after security check with your ID card or valid certificate during the opening hours to visit the free exhibiti

Visiting notice:

1. Please enter the pavilion in order from the specified entrance, and consciously maintain the order of visits;

2. Persons with disheveled clothes or indecent manners are not allowed to enter the museum, and those with dangerous and controlled items are

Notes for visiting and taking pictures:

1. Photographs are allowed in the museum, please do not use flash to avoid affecting other audiences; camera equipment should not be brought into the museum without permission;

2. Please pay attention to the safety of yourself, others and exhibits when ta

Traffic directory :

Cuizhu Building Bus Station: 2, 62, 63, 83, 107, 203, 376, 911, M329, M559

Tianbei Metro Station: Metro Line 3/7, Exit C/F.


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